Moving Tips – Smart Moving

There are many things to do before moving and that is why it is good to review moving tips to make your move easier. Not sure where to begin? Our team is here to help with our top moving tips! We recommend getting a variety of sized boxes. You may think you only need large boxes but you will also need small and medium size boxes, since most things will probably pack better in them. It is important to keep your fragile items safe and to label them as “fragile.” Also when packing delicate items make sure you use packing paper to avoid breaking and stains on your belongings. 

Moving Tips – The Golden Rule

There are many great moving tips to follow but one of the top ones is if the item is heavier then to put it in a smaller box. It is a lot easier to carry heavier items when they are in smaller boxes. Bigger boxes should consist of lighter items that are difficult to carry on their own. Pack the same room in the same box or set of boxes with labels. Never mix two rooms in one box because it will make unpacking difficult.

Moving Tips From DMS Moving Systems

The team at DMS Moving Systems are experienced movers that will happily help you throughout the moving process and make it easier for you. Our offices are located in Michigan and Alabama, allowing us to service clients across the country. Simply trust us with a free moving quote. If you would like to learn more about our local and national movers then please give us a call (800) 521-5225 today or contact us online.