Flowers are blooming, wind is blowing, and your office (and your computer) is a whirlwind of papers and clutter. It’s time to clean up what winter has left behind to prepare for your summer move. We’re not talking about soap and water, but that isn’t a bad idea either. It’s time to get rid of papers and clutter you don’t need for the move.

Start with your desk space. Focus on the all the papers that need to be filed and shredded in your desk. If it needs to be sent, send it. If you need to follow up, follow up. If you can’t throw it away and nothing needs to be done with it, file it. If it’s only purpose is to take up desk space, recycle it. It’s time. Your next step is to set up and commit to a filing system in your office. Have a drop off bin for papers people need to drop off at your desk if you’re not there. Have a bin for papers you have looked at but are not done using yet. Have another bin for papers you are done using that need to be filed appropriately. File them at least once a week, and it would be even better if you filed them right after you are done using them (but we’re trying to be realistic).

Make sure to keep office supplies and the things you actually need daily separate. That box of pens should go in a drawer, the paper clips, too. You’ll know where they are incase you need them. Keep only what you will need immediately on your desk. Do you even use that paperweight? Keep your desk reserved for your computer, a picture for the sentimental, and those bins we talked about earlier.

After you’ve finished cleaning your desk space, focus on your digital space. Leave the files you wont need at your new office behind you! Is your email close to capacity? File important documents away within your inbox like you would if they were paper. Make file names easy to search and delete what you don’t need. Don’t forget to empty your trash bin. Your new goal should be to zero out your inbox once a week by either filing or deleting emails.

Make sure all your word documents are labeled properly and placed in the correct folder. Again, it’s time to delete documents that no longer have a purpose. A good trick to save room on your computer is to have an external hardrive to hold all items that cannot be deleted, but are no longer needed.

Staying organized is the best way to be prepared for an office move because it makes the most difficult part of the move (packing) easier. Having everything labeled and ready to be put in labeled boxes will cut down on frustration during a move. You can save the soap and water for somebody else, you did do all the hard work, after all.