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You did it! You landed your dream job in that amazing new city. Everything seems like it’s falling into place, and then you realize that the real work is about to begin. It’s time to plan your move. Hopefully your dream job included relocation services and the hard stuff will consist of finding your dream home to match your dream job, but that’s not always the case. Either way, these tips will be beneficial for you to make this as pleasant as possible.

Tip one: Organize, organize, organize.

Your best bet to a happy and lower-stress move is knowing what’s going on at all times. Make an excel sheet of important dates, like when you start your new job, when you need to have your house empty, when the new house is available to move into, etc. And if you’re the lucky one with relocation services, add in when the movers will be over to pack your stuff. That time is particularly important so you know when to have a personal bag packed with all your necessities.

Tip two: Check out the neighborhoods.

Moving to a strange place that is supposed to automatically feel like home isn’t easy. One way to make it easier is going for a visit to try to find the perfect neighborhood to call home. Whether it’s an apartment or a house, getting to know the area will make you feel better about moving away from your current home. Take in all the surroundings. Is it mandatory for you to have a little coffee shop down the street for an easy breakfast? Do you value a large backyard? Finding whatever you want or need in your city is worth taking a trip to research. Can’t make a trip? Read reviews online, ask your friends on social media about what they think of the area.

Tip three: Check out the social scene.

In the first two tips we covered what you need to do: plan out your move and find your new home. The next important thing is finding your new social life. After all the excitement of the move, it’s really going to set in that you can’t just go grab a drink with Suzie from down the street anymore. Research your new city and find clubs that you would be interested in joining, be it under-water basket weaving to a running club set up by the neighborhood. Ask your friends if they know someone who already lives in your new city. Even if you guys don’t hit it off, they will be the best tour-guide you could find.

Making your new home feel like home after moving for a job can be difficult, but if you follow these tips your transition will be much easier. Good luck on your new job and your move!