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FAQs for Corporate Transferees

How far in advance do I have to schedule my move or delivery out of storage?

We usually ask that you call 2 weeks in advance to schedule your move dates or delivery out of storage. However, during our busiest months (may-September) as much notice possible helps to ensure we can give you the dates you need for your move.

What should I put on my High Value Form?

It is important to be as specific as possible and list all items you deem to be expensive or hard to replace. Items such as electronics, antiques, expensive apparel or furniture should be noted on this form, as well as, an accurate description of their condition.

Do I need to be home when the movers are here?

We encourage customers to be present during the move in order to guide the move crew. Questions may arise and DMS wants to provide the best move possible. If you need to leave to do errands or pick up children while the move crew is at your home you may do this. Once the crew finishes loading your goods you will need to sign paperwork and will be provided inventories, if you cannot be present for this you will need to assign a neighbor or family member to do this.

What items cannot be moved?

  • Perishable items (food, plants, etc.)
  • Flammables, ammunition, propane tanks, paints, liquids, aerosol cans, any flammable liquids
  • Car parts, building material

What should I do with my pets while the movers are here?

Because there will be a lot of activity around your home at the time of your move, it is best to keep pets in a secure and safe area. A room that is cleared out or their crate provides them their own space. If the weather is permissible, letting dogs run around in a fenced in yard also works. Cats tend to be curious so please keep them in a safe part of the house where their curiosity won’t get them into trouble.

When will 3rd party come to disconnect and connect my appliances?

If third party services are ordered, your relocation coordinator will inform you when they will be coming to your home. Usually they will come the day before your move is scheduled and the day after your delivery. Third party will also contact you to notify you of the time they will be arriving at your residence.

Do I have access to storage?

Yes, you do have access to your stored goods however there will be a charge to access goods.

What are my unpacking options?

The unpacking options you receive depend on your relocation contract however; sometimes you may pick one option over the other. There is a full unpack which is putting all contents from the boxes onto flat surfaces. A custom unpack is one in which mattresses and 10 boxes of choice are unpacked and no unpacking option means just mattress cartons will be unpacked. Depending on your unpacking needs, DMS will be there to help.

What if I find damage to my goods?

If you find damage to anything after delivery please do not attempt to fix it. You will need to fill out a claim form that can be found in the “Forms and Contacts” section. Please contact your DMS coordinator and notify them of any damage that is found and they will work with you to fix the damaged item. We will resolve claims issues as quickly as possible.

Will I have the same driver from origin to destination?

We try to keep the same crew on each move for origin and destination. Sometimes, due to unforeseen circumstances, the driver will need to be changed but we will notify you of this before delivery. Usually a change in crew will happen in order to keep your delivery on schedule or if the original driver has an emergency that prohibits him from being able to deliver.