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Please Read This First Before You Hire a Commercial Moving Company

When the moving crew arrives at your business, these are the people you need to trust with nearly everything your company owns. You need to know that your equipment will be handled properly so when getting to your new office your equipment is ready to use.

You need the crew to have your best interest in mind. A crew that cares as much as you do. Regardless if you’re moving a box of paper clips or an $800,000 robot. It should look the same before and after the move.

When selecting your mover you need to pay close attention to detail. This will tell you if you want to move forward with this company.


  • A crew that respects you and your company’s privacy. Your privacy is most important so you can have faith that your private secrets are kept a secret. Moving companies that work closely with the hospitals, government, federal agencies and the military have the most respect for their customers’ privacy.
  • That the employees are background checked. You want to make sure that everyone who enters your business has a background check that enters your business, that way you and your coworkers feel safe and secure with the crew in your office.
  • A company with moving vans that have a logo along with uniformed employees so you can easily identify the crew. Knowing who you’re working with keeps you safer.
  • They must care for your time and property. A properly trained crew will have respect for your time and property. That means that they take the time to properly move items without damage to the floors, walls and other equipment. All while doing it efficiently as possible.


  • They need to know the art of loading a van. Loading the van properly can save trips because it could mean the difference of needing 2 vans instead of 1 properly loaded van. Thus saving time and money.
  • The art of loading a van efficiently is like solving a huge puzzle that changes with every move. It takes thought, skill and experience to load a van so it’s safe and secure while traveling down the road.
  • Licensed and insured. This is to ensure that if things don’t go smoothly and claim needs to be filed it can be handled efficiently as possible.Loaded Truck
  • Works on your schedule. When you hire a company you expect them to be on your watch, that way you can get the things you need done… done when you need them.
  • Know that you’ll have a dedicated relocation coordinator that will provide you with a detailed estimate, “move plan” in place.
  • A move plan that includes an outline of the services that will be performed, the dates of your move, the cost and the crew that will be moving you.
  • Has a trained crew with a specific crew leader who will be in contact with you throughout the physical move. If you need something changed, or want an update, you need to know you’ll Unloading From Atlas Vanhave one specific person you can contact that can get you the answers in a timely manner.
  • A crew that knows when to ask for expert advice when needed. It’s important to know when you’re over your head and need help. When you work with a company with years of experience they know when things are over their head. When this happens they contact the appropriate people within the company to get it handled quickly and efficiently, and most importantly it’s handled the correct way.
  • Expert advice also is extremely useful when moving unusual items such as a 5000 lbs MRI machine or a priceless 5 million-year-old megalodon skeleton.
  • A crew that uses newer equipment, and the right clear all tool for the job. Newer tools make the crew more efficient so you can get moved in faster and smoother.
  • Vans that are cleaned after each delivery and are kept in tip top shape. When done your office furniture is ready to use just as when it was picked up.Clock
  • A company associated with a larger van line… When a company is associated with a van line they are held to a higher standard. Not only do they have to impress you… the customer… they also have to hold themselves to a higher standard to keep the association between them and the van line alive and well. This also gives them the flexibility to bring on extra men or vans when needed… quickly.
  • Recognized, verified and certified by ProMover the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA). AMSA keeps track and their finger on the pulse of the moving and storage industry. They also hold the moving company to the highest standards in the latest practices, safety, technology, and regulations.At Desk
  • Has maintained an acceptable BBB rating. The BBB has been a major player in keeping consumers informed.
  • You’ll want to find out how long they’ve been in business, this is to ensure that it’s not a fly by night company.
  • A company that can move your office across the hall or around the world. ***

If you’re looking to store your items for a period of time. Make sure they have:

  • High-quality video monitoring system that is recorded in HD. This helps to make sure your items stay safe and sound. Cameras that show high-quality images that can be zoomed in to gain further detail.


  • Smoke and fire detection and suppression systems.
  • Items stored in vaults and inventoried for easy retrieval.
  • Loading docks that the van backs up to, to unload your shipments directly into the warehouse, keeping it out of the weather elements.
  • Inventory management with detailed status reporting.

To prepare yourself for your move please do the following.Warehouse

Start early, there is a lot of planning when moving. The earlier you start the easier it will be.

It is best to start planning your move today.

Request an office move estimate below so we can help you get prepared for your business move and answer all your questions.